And matsumoto jun dating phone dating in tennessee

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And matsumoto jun dating

He wrote the lyrics for Fight Song and 5×10, in collaboration with other Arashi members.

His rap is not merely lyrics written to suit the songs but always contains a very deep message.In July 2015, he held his second art exhibition called Freestyle 2 in Japan, and Freestyle 1 in Shanghai. He had also released a Freestyle 2 photobook which contains the pictures of his artwork, and some behind-the-scene pictures.He also designed the merchandise that was sold during the exhibitions.Apart from that, Aiba is a co-host of Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen, an animal show, which allows him to interact with wild animals inside and outside Japan (UAE, Singapore, Philippines), and helping zoos in Japan to solve problems that they have with the animals in the zoo.Through his segment in the program, he has educated the public about various animals, solving issues in zoos and attracting more visitors to the zoos.

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Matsumoto (often called as Matsu Jun) is the youngest in the group.

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