Carbon dating inaccuracies

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There have literally been tens of thousands of C.‭ ‬megalodon teeth discovered,‭ ‬ranging from partial crowns to almost complete sets.‭ ‬So numerous are C.‭ ‬megalodon teeth,‭ ‬that more are discovered every day and no one can put a precise figure upon how many exist,‭ ‬and is why C.‭ ‬megalodon teeth are popular items for fossil collectors,‭ ‬even if they are still substantially more expensive to buy than other fossil shark teeth.

To complicate matters, “living fossils” remain relatively unchanged throughout their history. Darwin was aware this lacuna posed a significant problem for his theory. No scientific evidence exists which show this occurs. Unfortunately beyond the name and large size,‭ ‬most writers and producers don’t care to be factually correct about C.‭ ‬megalodon.‭ ‬Across various works of fiction C.‭ ‬megalodon is often portrayed as much bigger than it actually was,‭ ‬something that used to hunt and kill dinosaurs,‭ ‬something that‭ ‘‬was‭’ ‬a dinosaur,‭ ‬capable of leaping thousands of feet out of the water,‭ ‬having the power to sink‭ ‬even big‭ ‬warships,‭ ‬lying dormant and frozen in icebergs‭ ‬and still living in the deepest darkest depths of the ocean.‭ ‬Because these works of fiction have often been the first and even only introduction that people have had to C.‭ ‬megalodon,‭ ‬they are often taken as‭ ‘‬truths‭’ ‬and passed around as such. megalodon page that has even more in depth information about this shark.Films and books that are intended as stories for entertainment are no real problem,‭ ‬when written well they can be very entertaining even with scientific inaccuracies. What is disturbing though is the development of the‭ ‘‬fake-umentory‭’‬,‭ ‬a television show presented as a factual documentary yet is actually composed of faked footage with actors portraying the scientific‭ ‘‬experts‭’ ‬and‭ ‘‬witnesses‭’ ‬for the purpose of‭ ‘‬entertainment‭’‬,‭ ‬and although brief disclaimers about the shows are aired during broadcast,‭ ‬these are often very short and more often misunderstood by the viewers.‭ ‬Most infamous was the Discovery Channels Megalodon:‭ ‬The Monster Shark Lives,‭ ‬though with this feature fast becoming one of the Discovery Channel’s more popular shows‭ (‬thanks largely to its infamy‭)‬, and a follow up 'documentary' a year later,‭ ‬it is easy to understand the great temptation of more unscrupulous television producers to substitute fact for fiction.‭ ‬Remember,‭ ‬as with all things,‭ ‬never rely upon only one source for your information. By evolution I mean the idea that changes have occurred in organisms over time to produce new species and that life began from a common ancestor. This is known as microevolution and has been observed for thousands of years. Evolution is myth, ideology, religion, or philosophy. And, invariably evolutionist “proof” exits the realm of science into metaphysics and teleology. And watches are a lot less complex than single-celled organisms. William Paley’s watchmaker analogy remains unrefuted. Even if the universe were a million times older than it is it could not happen. One has a better chance winning the Powerball lottery a billion times in a row than for life to emerge through random selection. Gould, the Harvard evolutionist, recognized the problem and introduced the idea of punctiliar equilibrium: evolution by leaps and bounds.

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This was also true for the vegetable kingdom (Genesis 1.11-13).

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