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One hundred and fifty years later, it was discovered that the real excision had been done by Dr. The word “bowdlerize” became part of the English language.1843: The English Parliament updated an act that required all plays to be performed in England to be submitted for approval to the Lord Chamberlain.On his death, his widow agreed to destroy some of his manuscripts.

With all previous historical records destroyed, he thought history could be said to begin with him. 640: According to legend, the caliph Omar burned all 200,000 volumes in the library at Alexandria in Egypt.Despite objections by illustrious figures such as George Bernard Shaw (in 1909), this power remained with the Lord Chamberlain until 1968.1859: Charles Darwin’s was published, outlining the theory of evolution.1525: Six thousand copies of William Tyndale’s English translation of the New Testament were printed in Cologne, Germany, and smuggled into England—and then burned by the English church.Church authorities were determined that the Bible would be available only in Latin.

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The final chapter of the book drops the diary form and graphically depicts Werther’s suicide.