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Excellent cornering and a sonorous exhaust note sealed the deal.

A sleeper sedan if there ever there was one, the Chrysler 300 SRT8 is much faster than it looks.

The 27.6-mile public road route we’ve used for years will be familiar to some readers.

It encompasses stop-and-go city driving, a 1,000-foot ascent to a 5,000-foot summit followed by a similar descent, tight canyon roads, curvy, quiet country roads, two rail crossings (one perpendicular, one angled), broken/patched pavement, and a generous stretch of open highway.

The fifth-generation Corvette Z06 didn’t carry as much under the hood as today’s 650-hp model, but it did feature major improvements when compared to its predecessor.

Its 5.7-liter small-block V-8 engine packed 405 hp, up 55 ponies from the previous year, and it still managed to return decent fuel economy.

With that in mind, the numbers are not necessarily comparable with previous or future results.

When paired with the M Sport package, it was a great alternative to the higher-priced, less fuel-efficient M5 of the time.

These events included a newly designed 1.3-mile off-road course with flat and uphill deep-sand bogs, a hard-packed high-speed “fire road” stretch, and a steep hill ascent/descent.

We also made use of a gravel road/Belgian block loop (0.5 mile), road-holding on a winding track (1.9 miles), and a 7.6-mile trip around Honda’s four-lane oval, complete with a 1.0-mile section that duplicates the concrete expansion joints of Los Angeles’ 110 freeway.

With these numbers, we generated a 28-column spreadsheet with all the contenders’ results listed for comparison to our vast performance database dating back 20 years.

Because the test surface we used for this review was a mere month old and still curing, our braking and handling results show longer stopping distances and less grip than we typically record and report.

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The Acura NSX and Ford GT may be the hottest new dream machines right now, but there are plenty of good sports cars that have never received their fair share of time in the spotlight.

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