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It’s said that the use of thorium in molten salt reactors would produce less toxic waste in the long run, and could be more easily reprocessed.‘This is a technology with much perspective for large scale energy production,’ said Sander de Groot, of NRG.‘We want to have a head-start once the technology will break through.

We see this as a commercial opportunity for the long-term.’The first experiment will build off the concept of the waste-burning MSR, or Molten Salt Fast Reactor.

China has also shown interest in MSR technology, with plans to have thorium-based reactors added to the grid within the next two decades.

Advanced cancer that can’t be cured, often still can be treated.

In the tests to follow, they will use a different mixture that contains beryllium, forming what’s known as Fli Be.

These will focus on the interaction between the salt and the containment materials.

As Technology Review notes, designs that use thorium in the liquid form would be self-regulating.

Still, they might also be needed to help prevent or relieve certain symptoms.

Some people believe that nothing more can be done if the cancer can’t be cured, so they stop all treatment.

Treatment choices for advanced cancer depend on where the cancer started and how much it has spread.

As a general rule, cancer that has spread will need systemic therapy like chemotherapy or hormone therapy.

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This could, theoretically, be able to use spent fuel from typical uranium fission reactions, according to MIT Technology Review.

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