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However, Burma’s democratic experience from 1948 to 62 was never a success.Political rivalry, factionalism, and corruption coupled with the ever growing ethnic and communist insurgencies made democratic rule ineffective.The Indian freedom movement inspired the freedom struggle in Myanmar.Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Aung San, who spearheaded the freedom struggle, had built close personal relationship between them.

Notable among them are the Nagas, Kachins and Chins bordering India, Arakanese bordering Bangladesh, Lisus, Kachins and Shans bordering China, and the Shans and Karens bordering Thailand.

Thus ethnic militancy has always affected Mynamar’s democratic governance, destabilising the country.

Most of Myanmar’s mountain ranges and major river systems run north-south.

Thus the two-way border trade and commerce is qualitatively and quantitatively better with China than with India.

India-Myanmar relations India-Myanmar relations have a long history of substantive political, cultural, religious and social interaction.

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Myanmar is now viewed as a critical area of interest to China and India. While China has developed close political, military and economic relations with Myanmar, India is in the process of following suite.