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Thief - Dust to Dust, painting puzzle, client loot, collectible items You'll be given a new tool - the wrench - for Garrett's journey through this industrial area, and you'll need it for sneaking your way through the vents that are littered throughout the stage.

You'll face many more guards in this second chapter, so if you're struggling to sneak your way through, use our straightforward walkthrough.

Follow our route through this part of the game and you'll also snag every last collectible at the same time.

Thief - A Friend in Need, Great Safe combination, rescuing Basso, collectible items The fourth main chapter of 2014's Thief is the largest so far, and has plenty of entertaining stealth sections, along with a clever puzzle or two.

The characters unique stories are presented during eventful scenes focused on dialogues.

Thief - Lockdown, safe code, Jeweler's Shop, Lyegrove's Letter, Jeweled Mask In the first real chapter of the game, you'll have to sneak Garrett into a jeweller's shop so he can get his grubby mitts on a precious mask.Unsurprisingly, the owner of the store is somewhat keen on this objective.Our guide to this fun heist will help you get in, get the loot, and get out again without so much as a scratch.You'll certainly find it useful to take a few of the Shady Merchant's tools along with you while working through this chapter, so use our guide to get suitably armed before setting out on your journey.Thief - The Forsaken, Night Warden, kill Freaks, safe code, raise gates Thief's asylum is packed full of some extremely aggressive enemy types.

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