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“Alshon has been a tremendous addition to this organization on and off the field,” the team said in a statement.“We place a priority on making sure we are able to build the team around quality players like Alshon who embrace this team and this city the way he has.“I’m blessed to have the opportunity to play for this organization and for these fans.

New cast member Susan Sarandon is featured as she confronts Ray: 'Find the thing you love most and let it kill you.'The show centers around Ray as L.Jeffery doesn’t have the eye-popping statistics of most top receivers – he’s not on pace for 1,000 yards this year – but he is a good fit in Doug Pederson’s scheme and has also fit in the locker-room culture that the Eagles value.Jeffery traveled to North Dakota during the summer to work out with Wentz and has encouraged the spread-the-ball-around approach that Wentz favors.A young woman is taking a bath with a man as she begins to explain how her father is powerful and often vindictive.Ray is seen clobbering someone with a crowbar as a man lies on the ground with duct tape over his mouth.

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He did not want to discuss a potential deal at the time, but the Eagles answered that question Saturday.

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