Who was kurt cobain dating

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Who was kurt cobain dating

There's a good chance that if you find yourself dating a musician at any point in your life, someone will probably tell you to prepare yourself.

They Know How To Get Your Attention Think about how a lead singer commands a room … Now think about all that needs to get just your attention intertwined with the lead singer's flare for the dramatic! Macaulay Culkin stepped out on Monday night with Disney Channel alum, Brenda Song.The pair were spotted at the celebrity hot spot, Craigs, in Los Angeles, and left the popular eatery together.Every time you two get into a fight, he'll be outside your window pulling a Lloyd Dobler move with a boombox over his head — haven't you been waiting for that your whole life?could only come up with 15 of the hundreds of bands that were able to continue on with new people at the helm.

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It's not exactly an easy task to hold the audience's attention for so long unless you have the gift of truly being able to engage a large group of people.

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